Hepburn Z-NET is a collaborative partnership bringing together community groups, organisations, experts and council to shift the Hepburn Shire to zero-net energy by 2025 and zero-net emissions by 2030.

In 2019 we released a blueprint of our Shire’s emissions, with strategies to cut these in Hepburn Shire homes, workplaces, farms, transport and tourism. These strategies were co-developed with community members, considering locally appropriate options. If you want to learn more about how you can take action, click on the Home, Farm, School, Visit and Work headings at the top of the page.

Learn more about our vision for the Hepburn Shire

A path towards low carbon communities in Hepburn Shire

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Reducing emissions through innovation

Human Sign for a Safe Climate

Sustainability Victoria’s Community Power Hubs


We have partnered with a number of local and aligned organisations to create programs that will help community members and businesses reduce their emissions and benefit from a sustainable transition.

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We have created and drawn on many resources to create Hepburn Z-NET. If you would like to learn more on specific topics or access our Community Transition Plan, jump on our Resource page.

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