In the Hepburn Shire, residential homes are the second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses. In your home the bulk of emissions come from electricity usage (38,409tCo2-e), followed by petrol transport (28,958tCo2-e). In total, Hepburn Shire households produce 89,143 tonnes of Co2 each year.

There are lots of opportunities for our community to reduce these emissions, including:

  • Using less energy: Improving energy efficiency in your home.
  • Generating energy onsite: Adding solar and/or battery.
  • Fuel switching: Getting out of gas, or moving away from petrol transport.
  • Generating energy nearby: Using renewables in the shire or renewable energy offsets.


There are a number of Hepburn Z-NET programs that can help you to reduce, generate or offset the energy you use at home. Click through our programs listed below.


Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy

Go solar and add battery with the Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy, offering quality systems at an affordable price.


Solar Savers

Pensioners can access Solar Savers, a Council program that ensures that pensioners have no-interest and no upfront costs for solar, only affordable repayments.


Home Energy Assessments and Energy Savvy Upgrades

Get an energy audit for your home and access funding to implement targeted retrofits.


EV Bulk Buy

Cut your transport emissions and costs with an affordable EV.


Hepburn Wind Community Green (offsets)

You can offset your household emissions by purchasing Hepburn Winds Community Green offsets.


Join up with one of the local organisations and sustainability groups: in the shire that are taking action on climate change and helping to lower household emissions.

Solar Homes: The Victorian Government’s program providing rebates for solar.

Victorian Energy Saver: Resources, advice and discounted appliances for energy efficiency.

You and your home: Is an information portal from Sustainability Victoria with advice on energy efficiency, waste, renovating and living. You can tailor your search to your needs and interests.

Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUFs): Finance efficiency upgrades for your home through the EUF program, where payments are made through Council rates, avoiding the high interest of normal loans.

RetroSuburbia: A book on how to make your home, garden and life more resilient.