Hepburn Shire is known for being a beautiful tourist destination. Thousands of people visit each year and give back to our community but emissions from our visitors are high. Although tourism was out of the Z-NET scope, if we were to include tourism emissions, they would account for an additional 25.3%. The bulk of these emissions come from transport (89.4% of tourism emissions) followed by stationary energy (9.2%) and waste (1.4%).



Hepburn Z-NET has developed a number of programs that can help visitors and tourism businesses to make visits more sustainable and less emissions intensive.


Electric Vehicle Network

EV drivers are encouraged to visit the Hepburn Shire and make the most of our expanded EV network.


Energy Assessments and Energy Savvy Upgrades

Although primarily for homes – accommodation providers may be able to access efficiency assessments or be put in contact with a provider who can. This assessment could help to lower running costs and improve visitor comfort.


Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy

Install quality solar on accommodation through the Bulk-Buy, helping to lower your running costs and cut emissions.


Hepburn Wind Tours

Learn more about renewable energy and our regions emissions transition by attending a private or group tour at Hepburn Wind.


Hepburn Wind Community Green (Offsets)

Offset emissions from your trip or tourism business by purchasing offsets from Hepburn Wind’s Community Green product.