The Community Transition Plan (CTP) is a holistic masterplan for the Hepburn Z-NET, laying out a detailed baseline of where Hepburn emissions are and the strategies available for different sectors and emission types.

Hepburn Z-NET Community Transition Plan

The Snapshot Report is a succinct summary of the Community Transition Plan, giving you the key facts and strategies listed in the plan.

Hepburn Z-NET Snapshot Report

The Options Model contains a detailed technical breakdown of the options described in the Community Transition Plan. The model offers transparent information for other communities interested in planning their own emission reduction strategies.

Hepburn Z-NET Options Model

The Engagement Postcards were used during the community engagement phase of Hepburn Z-NET. They provide clear and detailed summaries of emission profiles for the different shires, and the technologies or approaches available to reduce these emissions.

Hepburn Z-NET Engagement Postcards

The sankey interactive visual is a great tool for understanding where emissions are now, and how they may be curbed over time.

Hepburn Z-NET sankey interactive visual

The sector interactive visual is a tool to communicate the scale of emissions from different sectors.

Hepburn Z-NET sector interactive visual