Trentham Carbon Forestry Project


Trentham Sustainability Group is leading a new project to support regenerative forestry in Trentham. The Trentham Carbon Forestry Project will help participating landowners boost carbon sequestration and forest biodiversity while maintaining a sustainable source of timber for fire and construction. 

In the Hepburn Shire 58% of households use wood to heat their homes, using roughly 1870 TeraJoules of energy each year (2018 survey).  As a proportion of our shires energy mix, firewood is a large component at 21.8% of our total stationary energy mix.

Funded by the Hepburn Wind Impact Fund, the Trentham Carbon Forestry Project will be delivered in partnership with Wood4Good and will seek to support the growth of local woodlots that practice regenerative forestry. Regenerative forestry involves planting new trees, protecting some existing trees while selectively harvesting others. Through this approach, land managers can enhance the overall health of the forest or woodlot, maintain soil carbon and improve biodiversity. 

The project will work closely with community members and will host events with forestry speakers, workshops to engage landholders and produce a booklet to assist other districts and land managers interested in this forestry approach. 

In addition to community engagement, the program will be developing a carbon sequestration project and doing critical research into existing woodlots and their use.

For further information please contact Sebastian Klein via and to see more of Trentham Sustainability Group you can visit their Facebook here.