Tracking progress

Electricity overview

To ensure that Hepburn Z-NET is on track to our targets for zero-net energy for 2025 and zero-net emissions for 2030 we’ll be conducting audits throughout the program. For the first few years, the electricity sector will have an annual audit, the 2020 results can be seen in the graphic below. 

One of the big achievements for Hepburn Z-NET has been that the community has met the 2029 target for new rooftop solar in 2020. Over the last two years we increased solar capacity to 11.7MW and currently consume 37% of our electricity from renewable sources. 

What does that look like across the Shire? Across the five wards in the Hepburn Shire, more than 22% of properties have installed solar, with Cameron and Coliban jumping to 29%. 

Solar generated 14,580MWh of renewable energy and the wind farm generated 10,310MWh. There was 58,230MWh of electricity consumed from the grid and 9,130MWh of solar (consumed on-site), coming to a total 67,360MWhs. 

Having reached our target for solar so early the Hepburn Z-NET team will be readdressing the implementation plan to reflect a new ambition for rooftop solar.