Tracking progress

We’re tracking our progress towards our targets for zero-net energy by 2025 and zero-net emissions for 2030. 

2022-2023 electricity profile

2023 marked the second year of Phase 2: 2022 – 2024 which has a focus on zero-net energy. The Shire’s net emissions from electricity for 2022 were 53,690 tonnes of carbon. 

The annual electricity audit considers the growth of local rooftop solar and wind generation as applied to local consumption, except this year, it has a new inclusion of the 100% GreenPower Power Purchase Agreements contracted by large local consumers Central Highlands Water and Council. Generation from community solar and wind match 34% of our electricity consumption, while GreenPower PPAs offset another 1.8%, to a total of 35.8% for the year.

Although huge gains have been made in recent years from local rooftop solar, this year also saw a significant increase in consumption across the Shire, especially compared to the two years of low consumption during Covid. Consumption has been increasing yearly by between 2.5-3.5% on average and this is a trend that is also anticipated to grow due to the electrification of homes and vehicles. This dynamic creates further impetus for a faster transition and for focus on energy efficiency activities. Since the baseline year of 2018, rooftop solar has increased from 10.5MW of installed capacity to 16.9MW – a 62% increase. The largest increase for the year occurred in Creswick Ward with an uplift of 4% to 33% of homes with rooftop solar, with Holcombe Ward leading the solar uptake for the Shire with 36% rooftop penetration.

2021 electricity profile

In 2021 the Hepburn Z-NET electricity audit found that renewable electricity from solar and wind matched 42% of our Shire’s consumption, increasing 5% from last year.

Solar generated 17,840MWh of renewable energy, increasing by 3,260MWh.

There was 55,180MWh of electricity consumed from the grid and 11,410MWh of solar (consumed on-site), coming to a total 66,590MWhs.

2020 electricity profile

In 2020 the Hepburn Z-NET electricity audit found that we generated enough renewable electricity from solar and wind to match 37% of our Shire’s consumption. 

A big achievement for the year was surpassing our 2029 target for residential solar in 2020, reaching a capacity of 11.7MW.

Solar generated 14,580MWh of renewable energy and the wind farm generated 10,310MWh. There was 58,230MWh of electricity consumed from the grid and 9,130MWh of solar (consumed on-site), coming to a total 67,360MWhs.