Energy Smart Schools


This project is now complete.

In 2021 six Hepburn Shire schools were supported to get smart on energy with a demand management packages from Solar Schools. 

The Energy Starter packs included smart energy devices, online resources and education tools designed to help these schools monitor and control their energy use.

The devices themselves were supplied by Wattwatchers, who have been working with Hepburn Energy to increase smart energy use across the shire. 

The schools involved are now able to see when they’re generating energy (if they have solar), how they’re consuming energy and their respective greenhouse gas emissions.

The packs were funded in part by Hepburn Energy’s Impact Fund, which seeks to support the shires transition to zero net emissions by 2030 as a Z-NET partner. 

Who are Solar Schools?

Are a company looking to create sustainable behavioural change by educating students with energy data. Solar Schools offers a suite of education resources that enhance opportunities to engage students with energy and support on-school energy management.

You can find out more about Solar Schools here.

Who are Wattwatchers?

They are a digital energy technology company, seeking to enable fast and scalable means to monitor, control and analyse electricity circuits through the cloud. They are part of the national My Energy Marketplace roll-out which is supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). This initiative is seeking to provide subsidised smart energy management tech to residents, businesses and schools.

You can find out more about Wattwatchers here.