School solar case study

Trentham Primary receive 10.5kw solar system

The Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy installed a 10.5kW solar system at the Trentham and District Primary School students as part of their community bonus, which is supported by Hepburn Shire Council and Hepburn Wind. This system is estimated to save the school $3,220 annually, and is valued at $14,465.

School students were excited about the solar panels and the 16 tonnes of CO2 that would be cut thanks to the installation. The school is using the system as a tool to teach students about climate change and renewables. Students will be able to monitor the system and engage with real time data on its energy production.

School Captains Lola and Ari said “It’s great we have solar panels because we are reducing our CO2 emissions. Electricity from the grid is mainly acquired by burning coal and fossil fuels which contribute to climate change. These solar panels will provide a new learning experience for kids at our school as well as helping to save our environment.”

The school principal, Ms Carmody, welcomed the installation, noting that the panels would substantially reduce the schools electricity bills.

For more information about the Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy you can give them a call or check out their website listed below.

  • Program: Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy
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  • Phone: 1300 466 274.