Driving down emissions with the EV Bulk Buy

In the Hepburn Shire, one of our significant emissions sources is Transport, accounting for 33% of our total emissions profile.

This article originally featured in the Wombat Post.

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, organisations like the International Energy Agency and the World Bank have been calling on governments to prioritise a sustainable transition across the whole economy. 

In the Hepburn Shire, one of our significant emissions sources is Transport, accounting for 33% of our total emissions profile. As can be seen in the graphic below, across our Wards, this consumption varies, with 14% of emissions coming from transport in Cameron and 51% in Coliban. Most of these emissions come from commercial use, shortly followed by residential, with a small portion coming from industrial, municipal and farming sectors. Not only is this transport carbon-intensive but expensive, costing residents thousands of dollars a year to run petrol and diesel vehicles. 

While part of reducing this reliance on petrol and diesel cars can be achieved through increasing public transport and bike infrastructure, a critical step for our Shire will be increasing the access and affordability of Electric Vehicles (EVs). This could help both residents and businesses switch from fossil fuels, to transport increasingly powered by our own local renewable energy assets. 

You have probably heard of EV’s and seen luxury Teslas zoom quietly by the main road of Daylesford outside the town hall. While many of these cars are prohibitively expensive for many, other options are available and by using a bulk-buy approach costs can be reduced dramatically.

This is why Hepburn Wind has partnered with the Good Car Company to deliver the mainlands first EV Bulk Buy. The Tasmanian company has a commitment to climate action, seeking to help Australian communities access EVs to boost local decarbonisation efforts. All the vehicles are second-hand fleet Nissan Leafs, imported from Japan and offered below normal rates, ranging from $17,000 to $45,000. Importantly, they meet critical performance measures, such as having no less than 80% of the original battery capacity, having travelled less than 60,000kms and complying with Australian regulation and inspections with EV experts. 

The Hepburn Shire Bulk-Buy for EV’s is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Hepburn Wind Team and Good Car Company are closely monitoring the situation and listening to expert advice. Based on the current information provided by the state government, the Bulk Buy may begin in September/October.

During the next few months, The Good Car Company will be providing short videos to explain their vehicles, process and finance models. 

  1. Watch the introductory video to the Good Car Company here or below (only if Wombat Post can embed it)
  2. Register now for the Hepburn EV Bulk-Buy here. We will provide bulk-buy updates, short ‘How To’ films, information and guidance on the program’s kick off date (based on information provided by the state government). 

Photo: courtesy of the Good Car Company and representative of the cars available.

Authors: Marie Lakey and Taryn Lane from Hepburn Wind Hepburn Wind is a founding partner of Hepburn Z-NET.