New round of Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy

The Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy is kicking off their second round, offering affordable quality solar and battery systems.

This article originally featured in the Wombat Post on April 24 2020.

The Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy organiser, the not-for-profit Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, is launching round 2 with support from partners Hepburn Shire Council, Hepburn Wind and Z-NET Hepburn Shire.

The bulk-buy team are running a series of online meetings – starting 29 April – to help people learn more.  “You can choose to dial in and listen by phone, or tune in via video conferencing,” said Jo Kaptein, bulk-buy organiser.  “If you can’t make it, then the meeting will be available as a recording from our website to view at your convenience.”

Attractive solar and battery rebates – as well as interest-free loans – are available from the Victorian government through the Solar Homes program.

“The Victorian Government’s battery rebate – worth up to $4,838 for eligible households – is now available in most postcode areas in the Hepburn Shire,” said Jo. “This brings down the cost of a Tesla Powerwall 2 available through our bulk-buy to just $9,990 for a standard installation where the battery is added to an existing solar power system of at least 5kW in size.”

Cr Licia Kokocinski, Mayor of Hepburn Shire Council said

“If more homes in our shire are powered by solar, that’s good news for everyone – with lower electricity bills, increasing energy independence and a cleaner environment.  We recommend that anyone thinking of solar panels or installing battery storage takes a look at the Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy.  It’s a reputable program and there’s a bonus for our community too, with free solar for schools and community groups.”

Earlier rounds of the bulk-buy have resulted in over $30,000 of free solar being donated to community groups and a school in the Hepburn Shire.

*Please note, that since this time changes have been made to these rebates. For more information read this.